Founded in 1989
Founded in 1989, GCV is internationally recognized as a distinguished maker of fine stringed instruments and bows ranging from fractional size instruments for beginners to superior master instruments and bows for advanced and professional players. Today, GCV instruments and bows are being distributed by top musical instrument companies in over twenty countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

Two VSA silver medals for tone, and numerous international awards and certificates, GCV instruments are differentiated by their outstanding tonal quality for instruments at all levels. Violin makers at GCV are mentored by renowned luthiers from Italy and Germany and are committed to constructing the best possible instruments.

Bows from GCV are made in the Guan’s Workshop led by internationally acclaimed master Shang C. Guan who won the gold medal for bow in the 1990 International Violin Competition. Bows are skillfully crafted using traditional French methods and select materials.
About the Founder

Guan Shangzhi, who founded the brand of Gliona in 1989, is an outstanding violin maker, senior instrument designer and senior (violin making) technician in Guangdong Province. He is one of the 18 craftsmen reported by Guangdong Health TV "Technology in the World" column. In his decades of violin making career, Guan Shang-chi has won recognition and recognition from the society by virtue of his devotion to violin making and his help to the employment of ethnic minorities

Business Philosophy
For more than 30 years, the company has been adhering to the quality first business philosophy, adhere to do a good job of domestic violin brand, inheriting the craftsman spirit of Chinese people. "Let Chinese people use world-class violin" and "let the world hear the voice of China" are the original aspiration and mission of GCV.
Honor of enterprise

Since its establishment, Grimona Violin has always been conscientious and conscientious. From the workshop to the establishment of the enterprise, we have adhered to the original aspiration and passed on the craftsman spirit from generation to generation
▪ Awarded the title of "Contract-Honoring and Truth-keeping Unit" by Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce for 29 consecutive years
▪ Won the title of "Strong Company in Chinese Musical Instrument Industry" by the Chinese Musical Instrument Association in 2019
▪ It was awarded by Panyu District Government and the Media Bureau in 2015
"District - level intangible cultural heritage Guangzhou violin production skills" title
▪ Won the title of "Meritorious Unit" by the Chinese Musical Instrument Association in 2019
Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music designates our company as the "off-campus Professional Practice Base"
Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra special stringed instrument only designated maintenance unit.
▪ The company is the board member of the Chinese Musical Instrument Association, the vice president of the Chinese Violin Association,
Vice President of Guangdong Musical Instrument Association, member of American Violin Association.
▪ The opening and closing ceremonies of the 15th Doha Asian Games will be played on stringed instruments.
▪ The Tiananmen Concert of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be performed on stringed instruments.
▪ 70th anniversary of the founding of New China: Piano at Tian 'anmen Square concert in Beijing▪ .
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